Argyle Data is now part of Mavenir

Argyle Data is now part of Mavenir

Fraud Prevention

Solutions for identifying network fraud costing carriers US $10.7 billion per year.

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Revenue Assurance

Solutions to analyze OTT traffic, voice and video call usage, trends, and revenue impact.

Revenue assurance >
OTT solutions >

‘Never Pay’ Prevention

Solutions to counteract evolving subscription, dealer, and ‘never pay’ fraud types.

Subscription fraud >
Subscriber validation >

IoT Security

Solutions to detect anomalies, abnormalities, and security breaches in IoT networks.

IoT security analytics >

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Vivo, the consumer arm of Telefônica Brasil,
is the largest telecommunications company in Brazil

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“Real-Time Anomaly Detection in Streaming Cellular Network Data”

A joint research paper from Argyle Data and Carnegie Mellon University on how to use machine learning to identify anomalous activity in telecom networks.

Carriers lose $38 billion/year to fraud and misuse of services.

Leading carriers understand that data is a massively underutilized asset, and they understand the enormous potential revenue impact of big data analytics and machine learning. That’s why the leading carriers partner with Argyle Data to gain real-time visibility into network traffic patterns, data usage, and subscriber behavior in order to secure to their networks, improve services, and bring differentiated packages and offers to the market.

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