“Revenue Threat Analytics” Big Data Application Suite

Revenue threats are like an iceberg.

Above the waterline are known, visible threats that have occurred previously.

Below the waterline are unknown threats that are zero-day attacks or mutations of previous attacks.

Argyle Data has had the privilege of working with global leaders and visionaries on their strategies for revenue threat analytics, big data, and machine learning. What consistently comes up is that best-in-class carriers know the revenue threats that they have been attacked with in the past. What they don’t know is how to prepare for future attacks that will likely incorporate new types and methods of revenue threats.

What is critical to understand is that a) criminals are continually innovating; b) each subscriber will have many devices, many channels, and many potential attack points; and c) we need a better way to detect new fraud and protect customers and carriers in this new world – today in 2015, not in 2020.

This requires an effective strategy for the use of big data and machine learning in the areas of:

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