Forensic Threat Analytics

Legacy, flat-world approaches cannot detect modern criminal patterns.

We all know that the world is not flat, but that is the way legacy systems treat sophisticated crime rings and flows, and this approach is simply not able to discover modern criminal patterns. A picture says a thousand words, and in a similar way, graph visualizations can make fraud, profit, and SLA threats very obvious in ways that other techniques can’t.  Just as your contact list has no concept of relationships or degrees of separation between contacts, legacy systems are equally incapable of visualizing the underlying relationships between criminal gang members.

What’s wrong with legacy approaches?

  • Flat-world analytics can’t uncover graph relationships, so new attacks are only partially discovered or completely missed.
  • Legacy approaches are too slow and labor-intensive to validate fraud across multiple fraud, network, CRM, and billing systems.

Use Forensic Threat Analytics to discover in seconds crime rings and flows not previously detectable.

Argyle Data delivers a “Forensic Threat Analytics” application that combines massive amounts of roaming data, real-time network data, and business data in one simple-to-use graph analysis dashboard. The application is able to analyze the CSP data lake to gain insights on 1st to 5th degrees of separation between data assets, similar to the way that most of us are used to using LinkedIn to look for relationships and connections.

Argyle’s native Hadoop application incorporates:


  • Interactive response times at large scale in parallel across hundreds of nodes.

Pre-Built Graph Queries

  • Designed for the CSP data lake, analysis is available by IMSI, IMEI, and phone number for TD.35, TD.57, and ISUP data types.

Interactive Graph Filtering

  • Insights on 1st to 5th degrees of separation filtering.

Argyle Data’s “Forensic Threat Analytics” application is invaluable in discovering:

  • Crime rings
  • Arbitrage patterns
  • Negative margin
  • Geographic revenue threats
  • SIM box abuse

Even on zero-day attacks!

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