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Argyle Data provides real-time fraud analytics on high-speed voice and data networks.

For Wholesale Carriers
For Mobile Carriers

Benefits of Argyle Data Over Legacy Fraud Systems

Argyle Data is the first to leverage big data and machine learning on a platform tailored for the needs of mobile carriers.

  • Native Hadoop architecture operates at scale and low cost
  • Comprehensive enterprise data lake bridges silos of data and ingests high velocity network data in real time
  • Real-time anomaly discovery and insights using advanced machine learning
  • Data visualizations and work flows enable rapid interpretation and action

Our solution delivers:

  • Previously unachievable levels of detection, prevention, and prediction
  • New visibility into evolving attack methods
  • Exponential improvement in analyst productivity and financial ROI

Data visualizations, such as this one showing a Wangiri attack, make fraud visibly obvious.

Service Analytics for Wholesale Carriers:
Anti-Fraud Approaches in Multi-Tenancy Networks

Today, two-thirds of all carrier fraud losses are related to international traffic. With their international reach, technical resources, and financial strength, wholesale operators are perfectly placed to detect and act on fraud on behalf of their retail customers. Argyle Data’s data analytics applications help wholesalers to leverage their massive data sources and global insights in the fight against fraud losses.

Why use Argyle Data?

Argyle Data™ allows wholesale carriers to change the game in multi-tenancy networks by building value and security for the retail operators and affiliates whose data they carry. Our machine learning applications deliver instant fraud detection and immediate, confidential, and separate reporting for each multi-tenancy customer. This enables wholesale carriers to improve service levels and increase business opportunity by providing value-added services over their high-speed networks.

Benefits of our machine learning approach:

Our adaptive machine learning applications ingest data in near-real-time to track and profile calls and perform multi-criteria analysis resulting in high-impact service enhancements:

  • Instantly detect changes in traffic, service quality, atypical consumption patterns or suspect destinations
  • Alert retail operators within hours or minutes to shut down fraud
  • Ensure quality of service
  • Create added value for multi-tenancy partners
  • Build deeper, trusted relationships

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Solution Brief: Fraud Solutions for Wholesale Carriers
CSPs lose over $38 billion due to fraud and network abuse each year.

Real-Time Fraud Detection and Prevention for Mobile Carriers

Each year, communications service providers (CSPs) lose over $38 billion due to fraud and network abuse and suffer further impairment from customer service costs, churn, and brand damage. Traditional detection systems can no longer keep pace with the volume and velocity of criminal activity. CSPs require a modern data approach to fight fraud in real time. A big data approach is ideally suited to manage the volume, velocity, and variety of structured and unstructured data over wireless networks.

Why use Argyle Data?

Argyle Data™ provides a unique, real-time fraud analytics platform that is tailored for CSPs’ most pressing needs. The solution brings together a native Hadoop architecture and industry-leading revenue threat analytics application that is proven to operate at scale at some of the world’s largest mobile carriers. Argyle Data is able to detect fraud on full data sets of operational and business data at petabyte scale, on affordable, commodity hardware.

Benefits of our machine learning approach:

Our machine learning system is user-friendly, insightful, and makes it easy to interpret and analyze various fraud types and methods. Argyle Data is a native Hadoop application that ingests vast quantities of packet data to perform real-time fraud detection at petabyte scale, enabling:

  • Discovery of fraud not detected by pre-Hadoop systems
  • Detection of fraud in minutes vs days
  • Discovery of new and complex attack types
  • Dramatic reduction in false positives
  • Improved analyst productivity
  • Millions of dollars in savings

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Solution Brief: Fraud Solutions for Mobile Carriers

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