Fraud Threat Analytics

Legacy approaches no longer work against modern fraudsters.

Mobile operators are constantly under fraud attacks, and the battle here is around time windows. A cyber gang can set up, go to work, and disappear in 24 hours or less – before an operator knows the attack is happening. This is just the tip of the iceberg though.

Modern, sophisticated cyber attacks mutate, evolve, and arbitrage faster than an analyst can write rules to detect them. This type of mutating attack has a cloak of invisibility that is impervious to detection with traditional methods.

What’s wrong with legacy systems?

  • Legacy, rules-based approaches do not discover new attacks, because attacks mutate faster than analysts can change the rules.
  • Legacy approaches deliver many false positives, resulting in analyst fatigue due to the high number of erroneous alerts.
  • Legacy approaches are too slow and labor-intensive to validate fraud across multiple fraud, network, CRM, and billing systems.

Use Fraud Threat Analytics to reduce false positives by 20x and gain 250% better fraud discovery.

Argyle Data delivers a “Fraud Threat Analytics” application suite that combines massive amounts of real-time network and business data to detect known and unknown fraud threats in a way not previously possible – and it’s simple for a fraud analyst to use.

Argyle’s native Hadoop applications incorporate:

Machine Learning

  • The latest machine learning techniques allow you to discover fraud threats more easily by detecting and visualizing sophisticated attacks – both known and new, unknown threats.

Fraud Threat Scoring

  • With legacy systems, analysts often waste time on false positives. Our machine learning-driven threat scoring prioritizes fraud threat attacks, allowing analysts to effectively use their time inspecting real threats.

Integrated Application

  • Our integrated fraud threat analytics applications combine fraud, revenue, network, CRM, and billing systems data to provide simple access to all the data you need to quickly make the right decision.

Argyle Data’s “Fraud Threat Analytics” application suite includes the following applications:

  • Roaming Fraud
  • Domestic Fraud
  • SIM Box
  • OTT/Bypass

The roaming fraud and domestic fraud applications discover:

  • International Revenue Share Fraud (IRSF)
  • Premium Rate Fraud
  • Subscription Fraud
  • Wangiri Fraud
  • SIM Cloning
  • IMEI Reprogramming

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