Acero Capital

Acero Capital is a venture capital firm focused on investments in enterprise IT (mobile, cloud, analytics and infrastructure).
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ATA Ventures

ATA Ventures is a venture capital firm focused on seeking out early stage private companies which appear to offer above average prospects for capital growth. With over $450 Million of capital under management, ATA Ventures focuses on Information Technology (IT) and provides seed capital and early stages of financing to these companies.
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Qualcomm Ventures

Qualcomm Ventures (QCV) was formed and began funding in 2000, with a $500-million fund commitment to make strategic investments in early-stage high-technology ventures. Since then, QCV has funded numerous companies in the wireless sector, and set up several exclusive regional funds to spur development in key strategic markets.
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SK Telecom Ventures

Headquartered in Palo Alto, California, SK Telecom Ventures is a dedicated venture capital fund with US $100m under management that looks to make financial returns on investments through funding internet, mobile, and digital media companies that can leverage the fund’s sole limited partner, SK Telecom.
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