IoT Security Analytics Solutions

Argyle Data provides monitoring and analysis of IoT traffic using our unique real-time machine learning technology.

The changing IoT threat landscape has major implications for communications service providers (CSPs), since IoT devices leverage the same infrastructure as voice and data devices today. CSPs must be able to examine all IoT traffic packets as they re-enter the network to make sure they have not been compromised.

The Argyle Data platform provides monitoring and alert systems for the most critical and vulnerable components of the IoT ecosystem. Argyle Data protects device operations in real time, providing proactive security assessments and monitoring, immediate security response in the event of an attack, ongoing identity management, provisioning and commissioning, integration with additional devices, networks, or data streams, security policy and credential management, and constant situational awareness.

IoT Operational Security Features:

Features of Argyle Data’s in-depth monitoring and analysis of IOT protocols and communication channels include:

  • Protocol inspection and whitelisting
  • Flexible, deep packet inspection (DPI) and signature-based protection
  • DPI engine designed from the ground up for accuracy and flexibility
  • Deep protocol inspection engine to validate each IoT command and parameter in the intended context
  • Review the protocol syntax and grammatical structure to parse and inspect commands in the context of the impact they will have on the protected device
  • Interface with systems to disable rogue devices

Benefits for Communications Service Providers:

Argyle Data’s data analytics and deep packet inspection services enable CSPs to identify threats and anomalies in the data generated by IoT services. Service providers gain visibility of the security status including:

  • Immediate problem identification via anomaly detection
  • Ability to build intrusion protection systems into endpoint devices for real-time diagnostics
  • Dashboard providing clear visualization to easily identify anomalous traffic
  • Automatic flagging and blocking of suspicious connections
  • Threat analysis for cloud-based services

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