IoT Security Apps

Argyle Data combines analytics and deep packet inspection to identify threats and anomalies in IoT data.

Internet of Things (IoT) devices are creating new security implications for organizations of all kinds. More than half of major new business processes and systems will include an IoT component by 2020. For IoT service providers, Argyle Data delivers unique visibility into vital network aspects including security status, identified threats and attacks, and overall security health checks.

We provide support for widely used IOT industrial protocols for major industrial verticals:


  • Smart home control (lighting, security, comfort)
  • Optimized energy use
  • Maintenance


  • Smart meters
  • Wear-out sensing
  • Manufacturing control
  • Climate control


  • Crop management
  • Soil analysis


  • Product tracking
  • Inventory control
  • Focused marketing

Secure your IoT networks with Argyle Data.

Argyle Data applications feature introspection services that are vital to ensure that threats are not infiltrated ‘inside the pipe’:

  • Anomaly detection and machine learning to spot problems
  • Intrusion protection systems built into real-time endpoint device diagnostics
  • Dashboard for visualizing and easily identifying anomalies
  • Automated methods for flagging and blocking suspicious connections
  • Threat analysis of cloud-based services

Operational security features of Argyle Data’s IoT applications include:

  • Protocol inspection and whitelisting
  • Flexible, deep packet inspection (DPI) and signature-based protection
  • DPI engine designed from the ground up for accuracy and flexibility
  • DPI engine to validate each IOT command and parameter in the intended context
  • Review the protocol syntax and grammatical structure to parse and inspect commands in the context of the impact they will have on the protected device
  • Interface with systems to disable rogue devices

Argyle Data supports the following IoT protocols:

  • CIP
  • CoAP
  • Ethernet/IP
  • Modbus
  • DNP3
  • MQTT
  • Goose/IEC 61850-5
  • ISO 9506 (MMS_ISO)
  • IEC 60870-5
  • IEC 60870-6
  • IEC 61850-5
  • IEEE C37.118
  • RP-570
  • iFix
  • OPC
  • ProfiNet

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