Network Usage Fraud Apps

Argyle Data provides analytics apps to identify international, domestic or premium rate revenue share fraud and arbitrage.

  • Premium Rate Service Fraud
  • International Revenue Share Fraud
  • IMEI Reprogramming Fraud
  • Interconnect Bypass Fraud
  • Subscription Fraud
  • Wangiri Fraud
  • SIM Cloning
  • Abuse of Service – Negative Margin
  • Abuse of Service – Arbitrage
  • High Usage
  • Bill Shock

Advanced Features:

  • Captures ISUP, TD.35 and billing information using an enterprise data lake
  • Processes data in near real time
  • Analyzes network usage to detect anomalies using unsupervised, non-parametric machine learning:  Our machine learning processes continuous feedback to understand normal subscriber behavior patterns and alert CSPs to anomalous activity. Our continuous feedback loop optimizes fraud discovery and minimizes false positives. Algorithms can be tuned/tweaked to track business objectives and risk appetite.

Unique Advantages and Achievements:

  • Supervised + unsupervised machine learning delivers previously unachievable levels of detection, prevention, and prediction
  • Stops/deters attacks that legacy systems cannot detect
  • New visibility into evolving attack methods
  • Exponential improvement in analyst productivity and financial ROI

Use cases detected by Argyle Data’s network usage fraud apps:

Call Collision

Multiple subscribers roaming in a country neighboring the home country make many long, overlapping calls to the same group of premium rate numbers in a risky foreign country.

International Revenue Share Fraud (IRSF)

A subscriber roaming in a country neighboring the home country makes multiple long calls to a premium rate number in a risky foreign country.

Inactive Customer

A customer whose account has been deactivated is still using the network.


A non-subscriber in a foreign country makes a large number of calls to different subscribers and hangs up immediately.

IMEI Switch

A subscriber roaming in a foreign country first displays normal usage patterns.  The IMEI associated with the subscriber’s SIM card then changes, after which there is high call activity to premium rate numbers in a risky foreign country.

High Voice Usage

A customer with an individual plan (i.e. a non-corporate account) uses an unusually high amount of voice minutes when roaming.

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