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The increased use of OTT apps has significantly changed the traditional carrier revenue model.

Subscribers are using free OTT apps (e.g. Whatsapp, Skype, WeChat) in favor of traditional talk and text services. As a result, CSPs experience increased data traffic, but are unable to distinguish different forms of OTT traffic, nor attribute activity to a specific customer. Even network update planning is challenged without visibility into these evolving traffic patterns. Carriers are struggling to generate new streams of revenue to replace termination and interconnect fees lost to OTT apps, or develop competitive alternatives.

Argyle Data’s DPI solution provides unprecedented insight into OTT activity.

Argyle Data’s apps utilize deep packet inspection (DPI) to decode known protocols within packets sent over the network and differentiate between traffic types.

  • OTT data consumption for each protocol is broken down by provider and service type (voice, video, data, etc.).
  • Argyle Data is subscriber aware, enabling CSPs to drill down to subscriber level usage.
  • We offer stats for the top 10/20/100 consumers across a number of parameters.
  • Details for each subscriber’s usage are available via the Argyle UI, down to individual call history data and associated customer profile information.

Argyle Data applications make the (previously) impossible a reality:

  • Unprecedented insights into OTT usage
  • Unique subscriber awareness:  ability to associate OTT traffic to an IMSI
  • CSPs are able to rely on data for network, financial, and marketing planning – e.g. offering targeted subscription packages that monetize OTT traffic

Example Dashboard Visualization of OTT Activity

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