Profit Threat Analytics

Legacy fraud systems don’t discover modern profit threats.

The mobile communications industry is entering a period of hyper-competitiveness, with new packages being introduced continually by marketing – often with capped or unlimited options. Everyone in marketing sees these packages as a way to increase market share. However, a cyber criminal analyzes every new package as an opportunity for a different type of attack, typically involving negative margin or arbitrage. And subscribers can either consciously abuse the network or unwittingly commit high-usage, resulting in bill shock.

Organized criminal arbitrage and negative margin threats are nearly always based on new techniques (often taking advantage of loopholes in newly offered packages), making them invisible to legacy, rules-based systems that focus on known, previous fraud threats. These new profit threats are distinctly different.


What’s wrong with legacy systems?

  • Legacy, rules-based approaches result in an attack not being discovered when the attack uses the product in a way it was not designed for.
  • Legacy, rules-based approaches use flat-world forensics which can’t detect crime rings and money flows.

Use Profit Threat Analytics to discover millions of dollars in profit threat attacks that would otherwise have gone unseen.

Argyle Data delivers a “Profit Threat Analytics” application suite that combines massive amounts of real-time network and business data to detect known and unknown profit threats in a way not previously possible – and it’s simple for a fraud analyst to use.

Argyle’s native Hadoop applications incorporate:

Machine Learning

  • The latest machine learning techniques allow you to discover profit threats more easily by detecting and visualizing sophisticated attacks – both known and new, unknown threats.

Profit Threat Scoring

  • With legacy systems, analysts often waste time on false positives. Our machine learning-driven threat scoring prioritizes profit threat attacks, allowing analysts to effectively use their time inspecting real threats.

Integrated Application

  • Our integrated profit threat analytics applications combine fraud, revenue, network, CRM, and billing systems data to provide simple access to all the data you need to quickly make the right decision.

Argyle Data’s “Profit Threat Analytics” application suite delivers:

  • Arbitrage Threats
  • Negative Margin Threats
  • High-Usage Threats
  • Bill Shock Analytics

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